The latest Final Cut screencasts cover adding a simple lower thirds to your project and creating a lower thirds template for use in multiple projects. If you know of a better way to create a lower thirds template within Final Cut (not using Motion or LiveType) please let me know. I managed to find a way to create one from my own experimenting and am not sure if it is the best way to do so.

When viewing in full screen I would recommend watching in HD in order to make out the text.

Adding lower thirds to your project:

Creating a lower thirds template:

Adding transitions and audio/video fade in/outs in Final Cut Pro and Express. I recommend watching this in full screen and HD, as I do not zoom in at any point as I have done with the other screencasts.

More screencast tutorials made for my staff. This time on the basics of Final Cut.

Importing into Final Cut

General Layout and Tools

Creating subclips

Importing to the timeline